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Unit 3 - Pedagogical practices and devices: design, analysis, and assessment

Marie-Line Gardes, HEP Vaud, Lausane, Suisse.
Olivier Vors, INSPE SFERE Provence, ISM UMR CNRS, Aix Marseille Université.

This Unit is concerned with pedagogical tools and devices and their uses in order to improve the practices of both students and teachers in class. The aim is to analyse the design and/or evaluation of such tools. The complexity of this analysis requires multidisciplinary and complementary approaches (cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, computer science, IALSS, didactics, etc.), articulating qualitative and quantitative research methods. Thus, different traditions of evidence-based, evidence-informed, practice-based, and data-based research will be crossed.

This focus on pedagogical tools and devices through practices and uses, from design to evaluation, leads to the systematic use of different tools and various types of data. For example, digital tools are being increasingly integrated in pedagogical devices and are leading teachers’ and students’ practices to evolve. This leads to the specific study of teaching and learning situations that involve digital tools. Moreover, the use of digital tools makes it possible to develop innovative research methods (AI, big data, etc.) to analyse student learning in a given situation on the one hand, and to design new pedagogical tools and devices on the other.

News of the Unit

Various meetings, roundtables and day conferences have marked the life of Unit 3. These brainstorming and exchange sessions have allowed us to get to know each other and to ascertain needs, but also to provide solid structure to the Unit.

Getting to know each other and needs

  • December 2020 – First meeting: presentation and discussion of participants’ expectations.
  • March 2021 – Roundtables (report available in the news of the Unit)

A first roundtable around AI and digital tools, with presentations by Nathalie Guin, Vanda Luengo and Franck Amadieu.

A second roundtable around evidence-based, evidence-informed, practice-based, with presentations by Jean-Pierre Thibaut, Nathalie Huet and Hamid Chaachoua. 

Structuring the Unit

  • November 2021 – Discussion on the priorities of the Unit.
  • December 2021 – Half-day conference: Epistemology and methodology. Workshop with Kris Lund on the basis of probing statements (report and program available in the news of the Unit)


Roundtable on research methodology, with Nadine Mandran, Franck Ramus, Luc Ria and Anne Boyer.

What to expect in 2022

A day conference is planned for autumn 2022 with all the members of the Unit. The first half of the day will be devoted to the presentation of existing projects using mixed methods of research to study pedagogical practices and devices. This will be followed by discussions on the identification and/or proposal of future projects.

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