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Overview of the International scientific conference "Education and Inequalities"

Following the international conference “Education and Inequalities” that was co-organized by the CNRS multidisciplinary thematic network on “Research on Education Issues” and the Mission for Transverse and Interdisciplinary Initiatives of the CNRS (MITI) from May 15 to 17, 2023, a synthesis of the presentations and discussions has been written by a journalist.
This overview does not claim to cover all research on educational inequalities, since the choice of speakers determined the themes that were discussed, and is therefore not, of course, a reference work where everything would be said on the subject.
The aim was simply to keep a record of the various presentations made during the conference, and to offer an accessible summary, with a view to sharing the ideas and results of the studies presented with those who did not attend the conference.

The overview can be downloaded below.

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